Airstream® D-Series Class II Biosafety Cabinet

Airstream® D-Series Class II Biosafety Cabinet
  • Energy saving
  • Cost effective
  • Dual ULPA filters, >100,000 times better protection than single filter systems.
  • Independent inflow/downflow fans, redundant system provides protection in case of fan failure.
  • Auto-purgeTM holes located at the front side walls eliminate eddy currents and dead air pockets in the critical area behind the sash window.
  • The filter assembly is constructed in accordance with EN1822 requirements.
  • Dual, permanently lubricated, direct-drive external rotor motor/fans assure cabinet safety in the event of a motor failure.
  • Removable stainless-steel single piece work surface with large radiused corners simplifies cleaning.
  • Single piece formed stainless steel work surface with a curved front edge is designed for maximum operator comfort.
  • Built-in warm white, electronically ballasted, 5000k lighting provides excellent illumination of the work zone and reduces operator fatigue. The reliable lighting system is zero-flicker and instant start.
  • The lamp delivers uniform lighting to the work surface for greater comfort, reduced glare and improved productivity.
  • Cabinets are KI-Discus tested on a sampling basis for performance integrity.
  • Airstream AC2 Series cabinets are warranted for 3 years excluding consumable parts and accessories.
  • Additional IQ/OQ documentation is available upon request.