New GPRS/GSM Modem for SMS Alerts for Lexicon® ULT Freezer with U-Series Controller

Apr 02, 2013

New GPRS/GSM Modem for SMS Alerts for Lexicon® ULT Freezer with U-Series Controller

Esco is continuously improving its products and services to better cater the demands of freezer users.

For this reason, we would like to announce that we now have a new GPRS/GSM Modem accessory for SMS Alerts on Esco Lexicon® ULT freezers. The GPRS/GSM Modem is an optional accessory and is compatible with the following Lexicon® ULT Freezer models with U-series controller:

* UUS-439B-1
* UUS-552B-1
* UUS-668B-1
* UUS-793B-1

SMS ALERTS system is a system which provides user alerts using a GPRS/GSM modem to the user’s mobile phone number. An SMS alert will be sent to the user’s mobile phone number whenever an alarm occurs on the freezer such as High Temp Alert, Low Temp Alert and Low Battery Alert.

The GPRS/GSM modem can be connected to the Lexicon® ULT freezer (U-series controller) and can be configured with the SMS ALERTS function on the freezer ADMIN menu. The user can enter up to 4 mobile numbers to send SMS alerts. After setting the mobile phone numbers, the user can also receive billing alerts when the BILLING ALERT function is enabled.

The GPRS/GSM SMS modem system frequency range is 900Mhz/1800Mhz and already includes cable harnesses, antenna and modem.

The GPRS/GSM SMS modem only works on freezer U series display board firmware version U101B v2.4d and U series main board firmware version U101Bv3.3m.

GSM 900 / GSM 1800 MHz are used in most parts of the world: Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East and Africa. Not applicable in North America, Canada and South America. Note that GSM cards will be provided by the customer.

The ordering code for GPRS/GSM Modem for SMS Alert is 1120240.

Contact Michael Basa ( or your respective CSTS for pricing and other details.