New Lexicon® ULT Freezer with U-Series Controller

Apr 10, 2012

New Lexicon® ULT Freezer with U-Series Controller

Introducing the newest in Esco's line of ultra-low temperature freezers, the Lexicon ULT Freezer with the advanced digital U-series controller.


Advanced features of U-Series controller include:
• LCD support & 4-Seven segment LED Display
• Back-up battery function
• RS485 interface for PC connection using the Voyager® software
• Alarms and warnings
• USB Pen drive interface to download the data from flash memory
• Event Log -20 latest events are stored in the non-volatile memory
• Parametric Data Log (2MB) storage of 3 months at a rate of 2 minutes
• AC voltage sensing & voltage stabilization
• Compressor and fan control
• Help menu

As with the Lexicon S-Series model, the U-series provides the same superior performance and excellent reliability, giving samples the best protection over a long period of time. It is also available in 4 sizes: 439L, 552L, 668L, and 793L.

Model codes*:
• UUS-439B-1
• UUS-552B-1
• UUS-668B-1
• UUS-793B-1

*Available only in 220-240V, AC, 50Hz, 1phase electrical configuration.

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