Introducing the Latest from Esco: Labculture Class II Type B2 BSC Generation 2

Dec 12, 2011

Introducing the Latest from Esco: Labculture Class II Type B2 BSC Generation 2

The Labculture Class II Type B2, Esco's total exhaust system biosafety cabinet, has been improved and is now a Generation 2 B2 cabinet(LB2 G2), which comes with new and enhanced features:

 1. Lower exhaust volume and pressure, to save energy

 2. Lower noise, for better working comfort

 3. Lower height, to fit into labs with lower ceiling heights

 4. Utilizes exhaust pressure switch, for fast and accurate alarm/switching

 5. Dual airflow sensors, to measure exhaust volume and downflow velocity

 6. Esco Sentinel Gold™ controller with large LCD that simultaneously displays key parameters

 7. Quickstart mode, to turn the blower and lights ON/OFF by moving sash to proper position

 8. Simplified field calibration mode for easier airflow sensor calibration

 9. Voltage free contacts to trigger external alarm external blower/damper

10. Built in RS 232 port for remote monitoring of cabinet operation


These improvements, along with some of its proven original design and components which were left unchanged, make the Labculture Class II Type B2 BSC the best choice to provide operator, product, and environmental protection in experiments where recirculation of filtered air is prohibited.

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