The Fight Against Lung Cancer is On

Dec 20, 2017


Lung cancer is listed as the most common cancer in the world, with 1.8 million new cases diagnosed in 2012. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that in the United States, more people die from lung cancer than any of the other types. This is also true for the global scenario, as lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in 2015, responsible for about 1.69 million deaths. Looking at the numbers closely, we see that lung cancer has a very low survival rate.

What then is being done to address this global health problem?

Efforts to regulate tobacco use, such as the implementation of smoking bans in public areas, are being done in different countries. Different non-government organizations help institutions and legislators around the world to formulate effective policies for the prevention of lung cancer.
Government agencies and organizations help communities to control tobacco use through interventions and health promotion programs. Lung cancer research has gained interest in the past decades, primarily due to the prevalence of the disease. Immense efforts are being done to discover new methods of therapy since cancer cells are one of the most robust and resilient cells.

With the increasing number of cases and deaths and very low survival rates, the fight against lung cancer is far from over. The scientific and medical community should be involved more than ever and accept the challenge of finding new ways to combat this disease.

Let us battle lung cancer together.

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