An Undersea-like Place to Call Home

May 29, 2017

Marine invertebrate cell culture has been advantageous in generating models for a number of studies including animal development, cell activation, and malignant transformation. For instance, a pioneering work by Bergmann in the 1950s introduced the potential of marine natural products for drug development. They are also interesting subjects in the study of pluripotent stem cells since they possess large amounts of such stem cells in adulthood. Research on marine invertebrate cell culture has now progressed to the development of immortal cell lines for applications such as cancer research and regenerative medicine.

Esco recognized the significance of marine invertebrate cell culture and manufactured the CelCulture® CO2 incubator with Peltier Cooling System, excellent for the incubation of marine invertebrate cell culture.

  • WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE: 12℃ below ambient temperature to 60℃ above ambient temperature
  • COMPLETE CONTAMINATION CONTROL: 90℃ moist heat decontamination, ULPA filter, and ISOCIDE™ antimicrobial exterior coating

Discover how Esco CelCulture® CO2 incubator with Peltier Cooling System gives the right condition for the optimal growth of your marine invertebrate cell culture.


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