Minimize the risk of contamination in your cell culture laboratory

May 18, 2017

Contamination has always been a major concern in a cell culture laboratory. Contaminants attack cell cultures in one way or another, at any time and usually without the knowledge of the laboratory workers. Consequences of their silent attacks include waste of time, effort, and money as well as erroneous experimental results.


Contamination of your cell culture can be due to the following:

Contaminated glass or plastic ware

Incubators and its components

Contaminated culture media or reagents

Airborne contaminants

Contaminated cell line

Lab environment and instruments

Improper technique

Operators themselves!

Secure your cells from contamination! Explore our online resources and learn more about the common contaminants in the laboratory and what you can do to protect your cell cultures from the consequences of contamination. Also, contact us for a training seminar on how to minimize contamination in cell culture!