Choose the right SPOT: Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

Nov 08, 2016

Choose the right SPOT: Ultra Low Temperature Freezers


It is important that Ultra Low Temperature Freezers be placed in your laboratory appropriately to ensure maximum efficiency, safety and longer equipment life.

Here are some pointers that you can follow in choosing the right spot for your ULT freezer.

  1. Place it on flat surface

Position your unit in a firm and level floor in an indoor environment.

  1. Give it space

Allow at least 150 millimeters (6 inches) or open space on all sides, top and rear. Sufficient ventilation must be considered to prevent high ambient temperature.

  1. Avoid direct heat source

Avoid placing your ULT freezer near any heat source as this may increase energy consumption.

  1. Room temperature should be between 15° to 32° C

The recommended operating temperature is 25°C with a relative humidity of at least 90% which is non-condensing.


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