World’s first Cape Buffalo calf conceived through IVF

Sep 30, 2016

World’s first Cape Buffalo calf conceived through IVF

Esco Technologies had the enormous privilege of attending the press conference held at Mr Frans Stapelberg’s farm, Lekkerleef Buffalo Ranch, situated outside Marble Hall in Limpopo. Dr Morne de la Rey (MD of Embryo Plus) introduced the first Buffalo Calf in the World to be born through in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Pumelelo, a healthy Buffalo Bull was born on the 28th of June 2016. Various news agencies such as e-TV, SABC, News 24 and radio stations such as Radio Pretoria were invited to cover this huge success story!

It took Dr Morne de la Rey 3 years to perfect the technique for a successful In-Vitro Fertilization procedure in a Wild Animal such as the Buffalo.  Sperm was harvested from the biological sire Goliat and eggs were harvested from Vasti, the biological dam. Fertilization was done in the laboratory at Embryo Plus. After 7 days the embryo was implanted in the surrogate dam called Suri. 11 months later the healthy Pumelelo made his first appearance.

This is indeed a  story of hope for the preservation of the endangered species such as the Northern White Rhino and Bongo buck, which are on the brink of extinction and.

Esco Technologies is proud to be part of this journey by working together with Dr Morne de la Rey in saving the Northern White Rhino from extinction. Team Esco SA has sponsored a MIRI Benchtop Incubator which will be used in the maturation and fertilization process of the embryos.

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