Esco awarded as the Overall Winner in the Singapore Prestige Brand Awards 2015

Nov 02, 2015

Esco awarded as the Overall Winner in the Singapore Prestige Brand Awards 2015

Esco was again recognized and honoured as an Overall Winner of the Maybank Regional Brands Category in the Singapore Prestige Brands Awards (SPBA) held on October 30, 2015. Esco has won SPBA for two consecutive years.

Evaluations were based on the success of Esco’s penetration in foreign markets and the internationalization efforts and the proliferation of the company in various foreign markets throughout the years.

Esco presented a clear insight of our brand which differentiated ourselves from our competitors. Through the continuous brand development and increasing business performance, Esco has shown that our initiatives in improving over the years has exceeded beyond expectations.

Esco is the only life sciences tools manufacturer from the Asia-ex Japan region with a global brand and sales/marketing/service footprint in over 100 countries. We have been able to brand our proprietary products and successfully differentiated ourselves against world's leading multinationals from the US, Europe and Japan, and became an Asian giant in our industry. From our humble beginnings, Esco brand is today recognized by the world's leading scientists and researchers.

To further extend the group’s business into faster growing segments in the market, Esco Ventures was established in 2014, a strategic investment arm focused on early stage investment in life sciences tools and medical technology start-ups with innovative technologies.

Esco has a well-defined roadmap, conscientiously planned, that guides and directs the company to our ultimate goal of making the world a safer, healthier and a better place to live in.

This marks another successful year for Esco. We pledge to stand by our promise for the next generations to come.

Cheers to Esco!