Why choose Lexicon II ULT freezer?

Oct 26, 2015

Why choose Lexicon II ULT freezer?

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Esco’s Lexicon II is designed for laboratory use that aims to protect your samples with its excellent design and robust materials.

Excellent Door Seal

  1. A gasket is a mechanical seal which fills the space between two or more mating surfaces, generally to prevent leakage from or into the joined objects while under compression. Esco’s Lexicon II has triple gasket seal that provides maximum protection against intrusion.

  2. Front-Mounted Condenser Filter

    Maintenance of units like Ultra-Low Temperature is quite expensive and requires effort. With its front-mounted condenser filter design, it provides not only easy access without the use of tools but also its washable design saves money.

  3. Modern Refrigeration Components

    Having an Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer might cause you some additional expenses, with the high performance and reliable compressor, the refrigeration system of Lexicon II is optimized to provide maximum efficiency.