Thank you for visiting us at ESHRE 2015!

Jun 22, 2015

Thank you for visiting us at ESHRE 2015!

Thank you for visiting us at our stand!

ESHRE 2015 was a very special experience for For Esco Medical. We are grateful to the existing users, our loyal customers, who helped by bringing their colleagues over to see our Miri TL and Miri Multiroom Embryo Incubators. We have received overwhelming positive response especially on the image quality and automatic cleavage detection software of Miri TL. We are grateful also for giving us great inputs on our new products, the Semi Closed Enviroment (SCE) for IVF and ICSI. We will surely incorporate those in the final units.

On behalf of the entire Esco Medical Team, we hope that you enjoyed the Congress as much as we had. We wish that our products have given new hopes and we promise to continuously deliver top of the line products that address IVF concerns and in turn help increase pregnancy success rates.

We are looking forward to seeing you again soon!