Esco Technologies Wins 92 Fume Hoods for the University of Pretoria

Esco Technologies Wins 92 Fume Hoods for the University of Pretoria

Esco Technologies, the local South African office, has been awarded a tender for the University of

Pretoria a total of 92 units of Frontier Duo 4ft. fume hoods. These fume hoods will be installed as part

of their Chemistry Laboratories upgrade. Due to the fact that the Chemistry building has monumental

status, the installation and ductwork will have to be carefully commissioned.

The University of Pretoria, located at the administrative South Africa, is known as a multi-campus public

research university. Established in 1908 as the Pretoria campus of the Johannesburg-based Transvaal

University College, the university has grown from the original 32 students in a single late Victorian

house to approximately 39,000 in 2010.

The university has produced more research outputs every year than any other institution of higher

learning in South Africa and in 2008, the university awarded 15.8% of all masters and doctorate

degrees, the highest percentage in the country.

With the researches done in the University of Pretoria, it is a must to have world-class laboratory

equipment that will guarantee maximum protection and safety to researchers. This drove this institution

to choose Esco Technologies among the three shortlisted companies who was invited to participate in

the tender.